Many people feel they spend more time in their auto than they do at their home. Whether true or not, the American love affair with driving makes it imperative to have the coverages that match your driving needs.

Auto insurance consists of the following coverage parts:

Bodily Injury

Protects the driver from suit due to an accident that results in injury to another party. Pennsylvania considers bodily injury coverage as compulsory. Therefore, liability coverage is required to operate a motor vehicle.

Property Damage

Protects the driver from damage incurred as the result of an accident. Examples include: the other party’s vehicle, damage to structures, road signs and all other property that you do not own. Pennsylvania also requires property damage coverage to operate a motor vehicle.;

Physical Damage

This is an optional coverage provided for a vehicle that you own. This coverage consists of both comprehensive (animals, glass, theft, etc.) and collision coverages. (damage to your vehicle as the result of an accident).


Covers your injury that is the result of an auto accident. This coverage is also mandatory and is primary regardless of any other health insurance you may have in place.

Uninsured and Underinsured

Protects you from loss due to injury incurred as the result of an auto accident. Coverage is triggered when the other party is at fault and carry’s no bodily injury coverage. It is also triggered when the other party carries insufficient limits to cover your injuries. This coverage is optional.

Failure to carry compulsory automobile insurance will result in fines and suspension. The financial burden of not carrying adequate coverages limits can result in litigation against you as well as the cost associated with repairing or replacing your vehicle. At Westmoreland Insurance Services, we utilize our experienced agents to be sure that you are properly protected in the event of an auto accident.